Daljit Kundi (known professionally as SINIUS) is an British-Indian composer and sound designer, born in Birmingham, United Kingdom. He is best known for his experimentation with signal processing; he has captured the essences of nature to electronic voice phenomena (EVP) recordings in abandoned locations and beyond.

As a child Kundi was in search of finding himself, the connection with ‘music’ was inspired by movies by the likes of George A. Romero and documentaries based on paranormal haunting.

From the age of 16, Kundi was a collector of old antiques and analogue-equipment, learning how to translate the mind into the spectrum of sound, using hand-held equipment to record sounds of nature to abandoned locations of distant houses to asylums etc. He was also influenced by photography, the landscape & history within these locations were the foundation of his path to finding his truth.

Around the age of 29 Kundi experienced the visitations of dark forces, faces within the walls, to strange demonic cloud formations in his travels.

He explains in his own words:

I remember just getting up in the morning after a long night and seeing a face of a unknown entity smiling on the fabric of my clothes, my brother in law took the clothing item to get investigated by his religious father who also experienced by multiple inter-dimensional entities from the same house. He told his son to burn the item, he explained that these dark forces are everywhere in the periphery of our lives, he mentioned that you have to stay away from the evil of society that provokes you into doing things your not meant to do.

I returned back home from hours of travelling only to witness that the negative entity had clung on to me from the house I stayed in, there were faces appearing in the mirrors of my home, including the corners of the walls where they hide behind the darkness, watching me whilst I sleep. You shall encounter sightings that others can’t see or believe, because you choose to see whats behind the other-side, in the state of unconsciousness, the mind part of which operates without your awareness and over which you do not have active control. 

This is the vulnerability of dark forces that can cling onto you, the more curiosity you have the closer they appear, the more you look into the darkness of being afraid of their presence the more energy the dark state becomes, it feeds from the weakness within you.

Kundi has been blessed by the holy temple, that no dark forces shall touch him or surround him under the protection and love of god.

From this day on-wards he continues to travel to various locations to capture the sounds that resembles his past experience, memories throughout his music is like a continuation of the dark energy that remains in this materialization, it’s through faith that he experienced what he saw and felt.

Kundi has also experienced indications of religiosity. During the time of his travels to Nottingham, he was called into the office by his brother-in-law who also witnessed his father praying in total silence
with a white mist levitating above his head, the more frequent he was praying, the faster the mist was moving above, the 2nd indication was whilst Kundi and his brother-in-law’s father was in the same room before sleeping. As he was praying at midnight, Kundi saw the visitation of a god-like figure appearing in the room of the ceiling, the eyes were glowing in a way that is un-explainable, as he finished the midnight praying the figure started to fade away.

These indications are proof that there’s an energy field within the realms of earth and heaven.

Moving into his early 30s Kundi still has reminiscences within his dreams after the experience he encountered, the energy still carries on through his music as a echo from the past, his approach to writing music comes from automatic writing. The sense of perception is through the realms of the subconsciousness, a deep well-hole within the mind that resonates with the unknown, revealing its source of energy into the stream of consciousness

Kundi has worked on selective collaboration / remix projects with Akira Yamaoka, Talvin Singh, Ulrich Schnauss and co-producer Atmospheric Research, after working on a catalogue of productions, Sinius & Atmospheric Research decided to setup ‘S.A.R Music’. A musical imprint formed for all Sinius & Atmospheric Research music and special guest collaborations.

S.A.R have had a series of high-profile gigs in the summer of 2017 including, performing at Ambience Chasers London (Curated by Ulrich Schnauss & Nathaniel Cramp).
London Mela, Gunnersbury Park with the legendary Talvin Singh at the Anokha Stage, and recently at Mama Rouxs Birmingham supporting Ulrich Schnauss & Urazmetova on their UK Tour.

S.A.R are currently in production for a film-score paranormal documentary project TBA late 2018.

You can find out more about his projects at the following links:

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