Film Review: NARCO HITMAN (2016)

NARCO HITMAN *** U.S.A. 2016 Dir: Joey Johnson 87 mins

Carson Empman (David S. Hogan) is one of the most successful hitmen around who works for a big drug cartel. He is simply known as ‘The Ghost’ due to no one knowing what he really looks like. When he gets a call to join a group of other hitmen for a big payday, he reluctantly joins the group and ends up falling in love with Clarissa, the female on the team. Once the job is done he soon discovers that he has been betrayed and the woman he loves has been killed.
Hiding out in a cabin in the woods he plots his revenge and will aim to take down the cartel whatever the cost. While all this is going on a local sheriff is trying to piece together the dark secrets of the mystery man found dead in the cabin. You would be forgiven in thinking that you are about to watch a poor mans JOHN WICK. While there is a few similarities, NARCO HITMAN is less about an ass kicking hitman and more about the journey of how he ended up wanting revenge on the cartel. It is well acted and the chemistry between the actors playing Carson Empman (David S. Hogan) and Clarissa (Angela DiMarco stands out. Even more so when you learn that they are dating each other in real life during the making of this film. There is an intriguing storyline with the sheriff piecing together Carson’s plan as the film unfolds, but you will have to watch the film yourself to find out how it all plays out. Don’t expect alot of bloody fights and bullets flying everywhere as this is more about the mystery of the hitman and his journey. If mystery thrillers are your thing then give this film a watch.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins

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