Film Media have announced it will release HD digital encodes of newly restored German film MOSQUITO (a.k.a. Bloodlust) (1977) to North American platforms this November.

Following the restoration of the original 35mm film elements, with Blu-ray rights going to home entertainment company Mondo Macabro. This release marks the first time the film will be available to U.S. audiences on any format other than VHS; despite its wide distribution in Western Europe and the U.K.

Frequently cited as a major influence on Jorg Buttgereit’s NEKROMANTIK (1987), MOSQUITO tells the story of a deaf-mute accountant whose obsession with blood spirals out of control after a traumatic event. Fangoria referred to MOSQUITO as “a gritty trip into insanity and bloodshed,” and called it, “a forgotten gem”.

Film Media will release MOSQUITO (a.k.a. Bloodlust) (1977) to Digital Platforms nationwide 13th November 2018.

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