Film Review: DEVIL’S WEEKEND (2012)

DEVIL’S WEEKEND *** France 2012 Dir: Cédric Dupuis 78 mins

How far is too far to make the greatest horror film of all time? In DEVIL’S WEEKEND we follow a young filmmaker who quits his job and invests his life savings into his horror project, much to the dislike of his partner. Hiring his friends to ‘act’ in his movie we see his struggles with their performances, and his egocentric ways hit boiling point when he finally snaps and makes this is his first and last movie he makes with his friends.
Shot in the found footage style this movie is intended to be seen as a documentary of the behind the scenes of a making of a movie. Unfortunately the director of the making of has different ideas halfway through the project. This film is cleverly edited especially in a scene where beatboxing is used in a murder scene. While the idea of a director snapping on set of a movie isn’t original, this french movie takes it up a notch with its levels of gore. The film does feature necrophilia and it extends further to a friends cat! The style and gore won’t be for everyone but if you like to see a character change through levels of emotion this is for you.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins

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