Rock band Jamestown Pagans have recently released their debut album Grimoire, Volume 1 and one of their tracks has a music video that will appeal to horror fans.

The opening track ‘LCF’ on the album has a music video directed by Crystal Pastis a horror film writer and director living in Los Angeles, California. Crystal’s work includes Forty-Nine Fifty, which took the 2018 festival circuit by storm winning the California Women’s Film Festival – Official Selection 2018,  Women’s Independent Film Festival – Official Selection – 2018 and CReativity’s Shakti Festival – Official Selection – 2018.

In 2016 she wrote and directed the short film VANILLA CAKE (Watch Here) which since its release  has since gone viral on the internet with close to 4 million views in addition to winning several awards. Crystal also has created horror content for Eli Roth’s online horror platform, Crypt TV.

Here is the music video that Crystal Pastis directed for Jamestown Pagans song ‘LCF’.

Jamestown Pagans debut album Grimoire Volume I is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Bandcamp, and more.
Check out Crystal Pastis website here:

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