Film Review: 3RD NIGHT (2017)

3RD NIGHT **** Australia 2017 Dir: Adam Graveley 72 mins

3rd Night has a very creepypasta-esque premise, in which a couple is terrorized in their isolated ranch by a mysterious entity. I mean, it’s very creepypasta-esque.
Unfortunately there are some plot structure issues that could have been fine tuned, and the film should have been edited down quite a bit, but aside from that, it’s an enjoyable horror film. The most notable strength is the visuals. While the effects are mostly on the minimalist side, there are strong visuals at play here. The small cast also lets you focus more on the creepy events going on in the story, which are all important. While 3rd Night strays into slasher territory on occasion, I would still label it as a more creepypasta-esque horror film. The soundtrack is pretty good, contributing a lot to the creepy atmosphere of the film. Usually I would complain about the acting in low budget horror films, but 3rd Night has a devoted cast, with some strong performances throughout. While I do wish the overall story was edited down to suit the plot and overall story, I do think it’s a very well done horror film with great suspense building and genuinely creepy moments. Overall, 3rd Night was very well done and a highly recommended minimalist Aussie horror film.

Review by Joseph Cruz

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