Film Review: CAT SICK BLUES (2015)

CAT SICK BLUES *** Australia 2015 Dir: Dave Jackson 101 mins

Cats, they are everywhere. On the streets, in our homes and in many peoples hearts as the fascination of watching cat videos continues. In CAT SICK BLUES, Claire’s cat Imelda is an internet sensation, but when tragedy falls upon her beloved cat and herself she ends up going to a pet grieving group. Here she meets Ted who also has lost his cat. A bond is formed between them over their losses, but what Claire doesn’t know is that Ted has an unhealthy obsession with cats.
Dressing himself up as a cat, complete with cat mask and cat cock he seeks out nine victims in the belief that their blood will bring back his beloved cat. Matthew C. Vaughan is superb as the aforementioned Ted, playing the role well throughout as he descends into the madness of his own making. CAT SICK BLUES strays the line of Giallo territory in several key scenes, notably a dream sequence. It is mostly a two person film with only the occasional extra character showing up for cannon fodder. Visually it looks great and is directed with precision by Dave Jackson. If you have ever wanted to see a 6ft plus man dressed as a cat clawing people to death then this is for you.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins

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