Following the success of crowd-sourcing and production of horror film, VANILLA CAKE, which now has 4 million views on YouTube, Crystal Pastis wanted to create the next nightmare.

Crystal has said:

I have seen so many Marvel superhero movies and all I kept thinking was, “Why isn’t there anything like this for horror?”  And that is where the idea for DEATH JAW was born?

I shot this promo video over a weekend because I couldn’t wait to show you the potential of what this character can be. This is a small taste of the story I want to create with DEATH JAW. As well as the very stylized feel I want to bring to life. This mask is even custom made by the genius, Tony Gardner, that has brought some of your favorite monsters to life, like Chucky and Billy Butcherson from Hocus Pocus.

I want to create the very first “Horror Universe” where we bring to life monsters and understand their origin stories. This will be a universe that celebrates the season of Halloween but also pushes the boundaries of what a superhero is. DEATH JAW blurs the line of what is right and wrong and who is really good and bad.

You will be apart of this new genre that will give Death Jaw his story.

The video below is a commercial premiering the character of Death Jaw. The idea is to show what is to come when they get the money to make the film.

Currently Crystal is raising funds via Indiegogo with a goal set at $20,000. The money from this campaign will go to the production of this film. DEATH JAW will have the quality and high production value of a studio movie but still maintaining the elements of a horror film. About 80% of the budget will go directly to shooting labor: paying actors, makeup and wardrobe, and the art department. The rest of the money will go to equipment rental costs, food and travel expenses.

To be part of this new “Horror Universe” you can help in many ways. The obvious being donating some money to the campaign to help get this project made.

You can also share the campaign link across social media to help get the word out there.
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