Film Review: QUEEN DRACULA (2017)

QUEEN DRACULA * U.S.A. 2017 Dir: Curtis Everitt 53 mins

After receiving a postcard beckoning him to Transylvania, grieving widower Jonathan Harker returns with a mysterious new fiancé named “D” … much to the dismay of his daughters Lucy and Mina.
Written and directed by Curtis Everitt, QUEEN DRACULA is a contemporary re-imagining of the classic “Dracula” story of Bram Stoker. The film is an amateur production, with many of the technical problems one could imagine, including poor cinematography (especially framing), lighting, and audio (though the music was used quite well). The acting is rather disappointing, with several actors seeming to read from the script on camera. The use of green screen, though probably necessary, needs much work. The screened scenes and foreground action are terribly out of sync. With all its issues, at the core of QUEEN DRACULA there is the interesting story idea of a family in peril and needing to save its patriarch from an ancient evil. After some equipment upgrades and a continuation to learn the craft of film-making, this film concept deserves to be revisited. Until that time, it is difficult to watch.

Review by “Big” Al Sievertson

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