Pop Cinema have recently released the horror omnibus movie THE HOUSE OF SCREAMING DEATH which is available to watch on Amazon now in the US. A VOD/ physical release is scheduled for Spring in the UK.

Starring Ian McNeice (From Hell, Doctor Who), THE HOUSE OF SCREAMING DEATH is a chilling collection of blood-curdling tales in the vein of Amicus and Hammer studios’ classic horror that critics are calling “sinister” and “creepy” (365Flicks) and “a great time in horror” (


Ghouls, demons, witches and the undead stalk the halls of an eerie mansion known as Bray Manor, summoned forth over the course of one night by the tales of a mysterious figure known as The Architect.  Listen if you dare to these terrifying tales of the macabre, because as each end comes a spine-tingling twist – while the Architect has one last devilish secret of his own to share!

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