Film Review: OUIJA DEATH TRAP (2014)

OUIJA DEATH TRAP * U.S.A. 2014 Dir: Todd Sheets 90 mins

Originally titled Spirits the film had a title change to OUIJA DEATH TRAP presumably to cash in on the successful horror film OUIJA of the same year. In what has become a staple of the horror genre for many years we have here another found footage film. High school student Raven reconnects with her high school friends to investigate her workplace, the allegedly haunted ShadowView Manor.
After using a Ouija board and doing some very amateur paranormal investigating, they soon realise that the stories are indeed true and they have woken something sinister. This found footage film brings nothing new to the format. Shaky camera, over the top screaming and questionable acting choices are all to be found here. The actors had a guideline to follow for the film but mostly the film is unscripted and you can can tell when some actors repeat dialogue like they have nothing else to offer. The idea of not letting an actor know when they were going to be scared is nothing new, and it is used here as well but not as effectively as it could have been. As much as I like Todd Sheets movies this one really missed the mark for me and is easily forgettable.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins

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