Dark Star Records is pleased to announce that they have just released MASTER OF GIALLO the new full length album by Obszon Geschopf which is available worldwide now.

Best described as for fans of golden age 90’s metal like Pantera, Biohazard, Body Count, Clawfinger, Alice In Chains, Wjite Zombie, Prong, Sepultura (chaos ad / roots) etc…

This new album features 46 guest stars from bands like ex Ozzy Osbourne, Dio, Black Label Society, Kreator, Sodom, Cradle Of Filth, ex Fear Factory, Accept, Pro Pain, ex Megadeth, Annihilator, Morgoth, Unleashed, White Zombie, Ratt, Dokken and more.

Artwork is by Mario Lopez (Iron Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth, King Diamond and more.)

The music video ‘Body Pieces’ features clips from a whole host of cult classics including:

Blood Feast, Driller Killer, Satan’s School for Girls, The Psychic, Alice Sweet Alice, Manos The Hands of Fate, Phenomena, Pieces, Silent Night, Bloody Night, Suspiria, The Satanic Rites of Dracula, Grave of the Vampire, The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave and The Boogey Man. All of which are available via SGL Entertainment at:

Dark Star Records have released MASTER of GIALLO by Obszon Geschopf and is available on CD and download.

For more info about Obszon Geschopf give the Facebook page a ike:
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