Dark Sky Films have announced the release date for the upcoming tense, shocking, and all-too relevant WHITE CHAMBER, a film that poses the question: can there even be such a thing as certainty in these most uncertain of times?

Written and directed by Paul Raschid, this tense thriller stars Scottish BAFTA nominee Shauna MacDonald (The Descent), and Oded Fehr.

although contained almost entirely within the space of an experimental facility, White Chamber cooks up – in microcosm – a challenging crystallisation of the absurdity and addictiveness of war.” – SCIFINOW


The United Kingdom in the near future. Civil war rages, and martial law has been declared by a military government hellbent on squashing the opposition. A woman (Scottish BAFTA nominee Shauna MacDonald, The Descent) wakes up in a blindingly white cuboid cell, where General Zakarian (Oded Fehr) uses increasingly sophisticated and cruel methods to torture her for information – information she claims not to have. As questions of trust are placed both on captor and captive, they find themselves embroiled in an increasingly spiraling journey into the nature of authority.

WHITE CHAMBER arrives in select theaters and on VOD 29th March 2019.
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