Film Review: SKELETON COP (2018) (Short Film)

SKELETON COP *** U.S.A. 2018 Dir: Chad Knauer 32 mins

We have had VAMPIRE COPCANNIBAL COP and WOLFCOP so of course the police force had to get a new recruit in the name of…..SKELETON COP. After responding to a home invasion which ends in a major overkill, loose cannon skeleton cop is partnered with a by the books detective. Meanwhile a secret order of ninjas known as the ‘Order of the Octosquirrel’ commit terrible crimes across the city. This odd pairing police duo must put aside their differences and work together to defeat the order.
This is low budget film making made to entertain and it delivers. It is definitely one for people who don’t take their films too seriously. There are certain scenarios that will remind you of plenty of 1980’s action movies and that can be never be a bad thing. Sure the SFX look hokey, the dialogue at times is dreadful but what did you expect from a film called SKELETON COP ? Within its just over half hour running time it does what alot of films with bigger budgets, big stars and longer running times fails to do, and that is to give you characters you enjoy watching and no plot holes. Fans of B-movie (or lower) quality films will find alot to enjoy here and if the world needed one thing, its more SKELETON COP.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins

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