SRS Cinema are heading back in time for their next release, the 2006 film FRIGHTWORLD directed by David Williams.

Tongue in cheek horror, pretty girls, blood, guts and love scenes aplenty in this story of an abandoned amusement park, besieged by the vengeful spirit of a slain serial killer. A ton of Gore accompanied by a hard rock soundtrack and sprinkled with nudity throughout.

Filmed in the actual Frightworld recognized by Buzzfeed, Travel Channel and Frighttour as one of the top haunted houses in the country.

The best materials available will be used for this release. The director, David Williams, has informed SRS Cinema that the original raw footage was lost in a flood years ago and has provided his best remaining master. Being shot on Digital8 and in some dark areas, combined with David’s “Natural Born Killers” style editing means there are some grainy and dark areas.

Check out the original release trailer for FRIGHTWORLD below.

Presales are up on SRS Cinema website now HERE. Copies are expected to start shipping late May to early June. Limited edition, only 100 will be made!

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