Film Review: ATOMIC PUNKS (2016)

ATOMIC PUNKS * USA 2016 Dir: Regan Redding 75 mins

After a nuclear war, three women who play in a punk band trio travel across the deserted wastelands playing their music for food, shelter and fuel. When one of the punters at one of their gigs gets a bit hands on with the women one of them shoots the guy. As luck would have it the guy was the brother of a leader of a vicious gang and he will now travel wherever the women go to seek his revenge. The band will get to play another gig before the explosive showdown happens between them and the gang of thugs.
ATOMIC PUNKS is a great title for a movie and the idea has promise but unfortunately it all falls apart after about 15 minutes into the film. The main film is intercut with faux interviews of members of the cast and crew talking about how the movie was made. If it wasn’t for these moments of interviews the main film would probably be around 45 minutes long, and unfortunately they also take you out of the main focus which is the womens struggle in a new world. Naturally having punk in the title we do get to hear various punk bands which is probably one of the very few highlights of this fairly low budget looking movie. If it wasn’t for the great looking art on the poster this film would fail to get much attention.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins

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