Film Review: CAROUSHELL (2016)

CAROUSHELL **** USA 2016 Dir: Steve Rudzinski 75 mins

After years of torment giving children a ride on his back in a seemingly never ending circle, Duke the carousel unicorn finally reaches the final straw when one kid while riding him, kicks him and wipes his boogers in his eyes. Breaking free of his carousel, Duke seeks revenge on this child and if anybody dares gets in his way they will meet a very sticky end. Finally tracking the kid to a house party, Duke gets to have frisky fun with a unicorn fan, party like a wild animal before ruining the party. This unicorn is a wild one and must be stopped, but how can you stop something which isn’t alive?
Written by director Steve Rudzinski (who also stars as Joe the pizza guy), and co-written by Aleen Isley who has starred in previous movies by the director. CAROUSHELL is a fun horror comedy that will appeal to fans of films like THE GINGERDEAD MAN or the later wise cracking Warwick Davis starring LEPRECHAUN sequels. The casting is top notch for the whole film, with props going to Steve Rimpici as the voice of Duke and also to Sé Marie as the uber bitchy, hashtag talking Laurie. There is some impressive gore effects when it comes time for Duke to kill and each one is a step up from the previous one, especially when you consider that the kills are done by an supposed inanimate object. CAROUSHELL overall is a fun ride that horror fans will get a kick out of and who knows, maybe Duke will return for another killer ride in the future.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins

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