Film Review: ON THE TRAIL OF BIGFOOT (2019)

ON THE TRAIL OF BIGFOOT **** USA 2019 Dir: Seth Breedlove. 160 mins

Small Town Monsters return with another search for a mysterious creature that people have claimed to have seen for years. Throughout its 6 short episodes that run around the half hour mark, Seth Breedlove takes you on a journey as he explores the legend that is Bigfoot.

Featuring accounts by Bigfoot enthusiasts who have witnessed the hairy beast stomping across America. There is still little in the way of evidence of Bigfoots existence as is evident throughout this series, but we do get to hear some supposed recordings of Bigfoot howls. No blurry footage of fleeting glimpses of the elusive creature is featured either, focusing more on Breedlove’s interest in the subject. Breedlove also makes sure not to sensationalize the story of Bigfoot, giving the viewers a mixture of facts to allow them to make up their own mind. Those who are lovers of the legend of Bigfoot will find little of note here but if you wanted to find out more about the Bigfoot subject this is a good way to get your big feet wet.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins


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