Film Review: ZOMBIEWORLD 2 (2018)

ZOMBIEWORLD 2 * USA 2018 Dir: Fernando González Gómez, Christopher G. Moore, Stefan Androv Radanovich, Aaron McCann. 83 Mins

After the often humorous anthology film ZOMBIEWORLD (2015) starring Bill Oberst Jr. comes the more serious zombie sequel ZOMBIEWORLD 2. Again featuring a mixture of short films but unlike the previous film there is no wraparound story in this one its just a compilation of short films featuring zombies.
The zombies vary from the pasty skin and dark eyes makeup look to the more effective looking Greg Nicotero (The Walking Dead) style makeup. Production values of the short films also vary but if you like indie horror you will keep watching. The short films featured are: Apocalypse Marathon Part 2 (2014), Perished (2011), Disengaged (2014), The Working Dead (2014) and Devastación (2016). There is no real standout short from this bunch though which is a shame, but then things get worse. The DVD release by WowNow Entertainment of ZOMBIEWORLD 2 has some faults which will not make enjoyable viewing for some. In Perished the sound is several seconds behind what happens on screen, leaving scenes audibly disjointed. Then we have the issue of two of the short films having no English subtitles (The Working Dead (2014) and Devastación (2016), this leaves English speaking viewers wondering what the cast are saying. At least you can enjoy what the shorts films have to offer visually on screen and get an idea of the story from it. This is a disappointing sequel which will leave fans of zombie films with a bad taste of gone off brains in their mouths.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins

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Author: Peter 'Witchfinder' Hopkins

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