SRS Cinema unleashes its final Bluray of the early David Williams (FRIGHTWORLD, PRISON OF THE PSYCHOTIC DAMNED)  gore flicks…
…this weekend with the erotic bloodfest RED SCREAM VAMPYRES.

The movie was made in 2006 and shot on Digital 8!

In the tradition of such perverse Eurotrash classics as Jose Ramon Larraz’s Vampyres, Jesus Franco’s Vampiros Lesbos and Harry Kumel’s Daughters of Darkness comes a new tale of the erotic grotesque.

With an abandoned train station as their haunt and an endless supply of hitchhikers to provide sustenance, a lovely lesbian vampire duo seduces then savages their victims in this erotic gore fest from director David R. Williams. Things get complicated for the ladies, though, when one of them falls in love with an intended victim and a pair of scholars of urban decay decide to explore the bloodsuckers’ lair. with Satu Rautaharju, Valeria Dombrovschi and Jess Weber.

This release will include a bonus short from David called Disintegration, a never before released experimental horror film starring Hustler Taboo centerfold Angelina Leigh from 2015!

A woman stumbles through the woods, naked, covered in blood, with no recollection what might have happened to her or who she is. She reaches a cabin that seems vaguely familiar, and once inside some memories come back, memories of violence and rape. She seems to remember she has been pregnant recently, but there’s no trace of this now – only something in a jar that might be her aborted fetus. She finds a dismembered corpse in the cabin, whom she believes to be her lover…and that is when her descent into madness really begins.

Presales have started with only 100 copies to be released, the film is expected to ship late July.

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