Following its highly acclaimed Limited-Edition release in 2018 WHEN A STRANGER CALLS/WHEN A STRANGER CALLS BACK is set for its Standard Edition Blu-ray release complete with a slew of fantastic special features from Second Sight Films this summer.

Agonisingly tense…The caller’s words, with their insistent reference to the children’s safety, cut to a deep anxiety of middle-class America, exposing the dangers that can so easily prowl the shadows…‘ – Little White Lies

With the pivotal line “Have you checked the children?” the seminal slasher, that sees a babysitter terrorised by a psychopathic killer, struck fear into the hearts of a generation of filmgoers. Now this terrifying movie, directed by Fred Walton (The Rosary Murders) and starring Carol Kane (The Princess Bride) and Charles Durning (Dog Day Afternoon), is set to arrive on Blu-ray alongside its rarely seen sequel WHEN A STRANGER CALLS BACK in HD on 1st July 2019.

A sleek, tricked-out reissue of the still-effective late-1970s chiller that inspired Wes Craven’s
Scream‘ – The Observer

The set features the film in a new scan and restoration, plus the film THE SITTER, reversible sleeve
with new artwork and original poster artwork and much more.

This hugely influential horror opens with the babysitter receiving the chilling phone call from a killer, which has often been copied, but rarely bettered and provided the inspiration for the first scene in Wes Craven’s hit SCREAM.

WHEN A STRANGER CALLS sees an urban legend made flesh, as student babysitter Jill Johnson is looking after a family’s children when she receives the first in a series of mysterious and increasingly scary phone calls from a stranger. Police trace the call and discover it’s coming from inside the house, sparking a desperate chase and a shocking and grisly discovery.

Seven years later, the brutal killer has escaped from psychiatric hospital and is once again targeting Johnson. The cop who saved her first time around, now a private detective comes to her aid, but can they track the brutal killer before it’s too late?

Be sure to lock the doors, ignore the ringing phone and make sure the kids are alright, before watching WHEN A STRANGER CALLS.


• Brand new scan and restoration
• The sequel ‘When a Stranger Calls Back’ in HD
• The original, rarely seen short film ‘The Sitter’ – brand new scan and restoration
• Directing ‘A Stranger’: An interview with Director Fred Walton
• Carol Kane on ‘When a Stranger Calls’
• Rutanya Alda on ‘When a Stranger Calls’
• Scoring ‘A Stranger’: An interview with Composer Dana Kaproff
• Reversible sleeve with new artwork by Obviously Creative and original poster artwork
• English subtitles for the hearing impaired for both films

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