Film Review: ROBOWOMAN (2019)

ROBOWOMAN ** USA 2019 Dir: Dustin Ferguson 70 mins

The year is 2024, cybernetic surgery has grown to a be more affordable surgery option over the traditional methods. Though still very experimental those who are in need will opt for this cheaper option. Dawna Lee Heising stars as Vivica Stevens who after persistently being asked to go on a date by one of her fellow co-workers decides on her last day at her temp job to take up the offer. On the way to the date with her co-worker they take a shortcut through a park at night where Vivica is attacked, blinded and left for dead. When her friend Carlene (played by Sue Price, star of the NEMESIS sequels) finds her barely alive, she signs Vivica up for an illegal, experimental cybernetic surgery where Dr. Michaels (Mel Novak) gives her a robotic arm and a visor to allow her to see. Being that the surgery is experimental it is only a matter of time before it affects Vivica and instead of living a some what normal life, she seeks revenge on those who did her wrong. Dawna Lee Heising as ROBOWOMAN is a good choice for the role, showing her innocence at the beginning and her mean streak coming through as the cybernetics take over her mind. The cast is small but it gives everybody room to establish their characters while giving what would we would expect from this type of film, lots of action. A nice 80’s style self defense-training montage will leave you pumped. Brinke Stevens makes an appearance towards the end of the film leaving the door open for ROBOWOMAN 2: THE RAMPAGE. Overall ROBOWOMAN is a fun indie sci-fi thriller that will appeal to fans of films such as NEMESIS, GUYVER and LADY TERMINATOR.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins

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