Produced and directed by 5 independent french filmmakers, NECROLOGIES is a micro-budget horror / fantastic feature. It was made as an homage to 1980’s anthology movies like CREEPSHOW or TALES FROM THE CRYPT. There are many different styles in this movie, so you can expect anything! Some pieces are frightening, others are comedic, you can be thrilled, scared or amused.

NECROLOGIES stars Jean-Claude Dreyfus, who starred in movies like DELICATESSEN and THE CITY OF LOST CHILDREN. Scream Queen Icon Linnea Quigley also has a part in one of the segments.



One night, a horror-movie fan (Alexis Wawerka) sneaks into a graveyard. He is caught by a strange grave keeper (Jean-Claude Dreyfus). The young man tries to talk with him to gain some time before he calls the police. The keeper shows him his “book of tombs” and tells him the most bizarre and frightening stories linked to these tombs. Six macabre stories, filled with evil creatures and unearthly events, will lead them to the end of this dreadful night.

NECROLOGIES will be released as a limited edition with only 100 will be made! Pre-orders are expected to ship approx early November 2019.



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