Indican Pictures is set to release the Holbrookian horror film BELOVED BEAST. Directed by Jonathan Holbrook, this film runs an unbelievably three hours long. Truly an epic horror film, BELOVED BEAST involves an escaped mental patient and a young girl, who he befriends in a nearby wood. BELOVED BEAST also acts as a sequel to the BUNNYMAN MASSACRE films.

Set to release in October, this horror title stars: Meredith Binder (The Oregonian), Tabitha Bastien (The Wonderland Murders), Sheila Houlahan and Lance Carver.


Official Synopsis:

Nina (Sanae Loutsis) is only twelve years old, when she loses her parents in a car accident. Now living with her aunt, Nina is no longer in the best of company. Escaping into her imagination and into the woods, she meets a strange, masked man. He should not have been brought home. Now, his murder spree is just getting started with Aunt Erma (Joy Yaholkovsky) and the local townsfolk, in this brutally bloody horror film!

Now check out not 1, not 2, not even 3 but 4 trailers for the film below.

Beloved Beast | Official 2019 Trailer from Indican Pictures on Vimeo.

BELOVED BEAST will have a limited theatrical release, before launching on DVD and Digital platforms. On 11th October, this epic horror feature will show in: Los Angeles, New York City and Chicago. Several filmmakers will be in attendance at the Los Angeles screening and provide a Q & A, after the film.

As well, BELOVED BEAST will show on DVD and Digital platforms on this same date. Rated Restricted, BELOVED BEAST promises a terrifying time, spent with one of this year’s strangest killers!

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