TADFF 2019 – Film Review: THE WRETCHED (2019)

THE WRETCHED ***** USA 2019 Dirs: Brett Pierce, Drew T. Pierce. 95 mins

Ben (John-Paul Howard), a teenaged kid dealing with his parents’ separation, becomes suspicious of his next door neighbours’ odd behavior. Him and his friend Mallory (Piper Curda) get thrown into life-or-death struggle with a centuries-old witch (Madelynn Stuenkel) who has an insatiable hunger… for the flesh of children.

The Pierce brothers are passionate about their craft—and it shows. THE WRETCHED is a good old-fashioned horror movie that’s sure to satisfy even hardened fans of the genre. Inspired by FRIGHT NIGHT, classic John Carpenter, and the directors’ love of folklore, this film hits every mark. It’s frightening, funny, and the practical effects are a gore-hound’s dream. The characters are relatable and well-written, Mallory in particular is a total badass. But be warned: This isn’t a film that’s scared to kill people off.

THE WRETCHED is a horror movie made by people who love horror movies for an audience who loves them, too. It’s a bloody, gutsy good time.

Review by Julia Lynch


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