HORROR HOUSE follows on from its successful run on The Monster Channel, and makes the jump to The Vortexx.

HORROR HOUSE is a Australian horror series featuring the very best of Australian short horror films and independent horror of the future. Hosted by Count Funghoula (David Black) and Mistress Boobiyana (Tritia DeViSha).

The first episode showed the kangaroo zombie short film WATERBORNE (2014), the 3 minute short film KALI GEISHA EROTICA GROTESQUE (2015), Nicholas Burgess’s THE TALE OF BETTY BOOTS (2010) and DARK METAMORPHOSIS (2018).

Further episodes will be shown on The Vortexx, episode 2 on 12th October and episode 3 on 19th October. Episode 4 (2nd November), episode 5 (9th November) and episode 6 (16th November)


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Episode 3 –

Episode 4 –

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