One of the rarest and most highly sought shot on video releases out there, Paul Knop’s V IS FOR VAMPIRE, comes back in limited edition Bluray and VHS.



Laura Manning, the world’s number one author of vampire novels, is sponsoring a once in a lifetime contest. She has issued an open challenge for photographers to capture the most lurid and realistic, vampire-inspired portraits with the opportunity for the winning snapshot to adorn the cover of her latest novel (also entitled “V Is For Vampire”).

The contest piques the interest of two unique photographers from the same media agency, the talented Rastafarian Orlani, who hires models to pose in the throes of death (while working on promotional stills for a movie called “Curvaceous Corpses”) and the edgy Zack (the late Tony McDowell in his final role) who prefers photographing his subjects in real life post-mortem after staking them through the heart in their bubble baths. Ironically, Manning invites both artists to visit her estate and promptly reveals herself as an actual 300 year old Countess who has devised the entire contest as a rouse to drain unsuspecting victims of their essence in order to fill her own personal blood bath. Turns out that shes the world’s top vampire novelist for a good reason after all!

SRS Cinema are honoured to bring Paul Knop’s work back both to appease the collectors who so badly want to see his work (but can’t find it due to the rarity of his work, an old VHS of the movie sells for $500+ – unless you find a bootleg!) and introduce him to a whole new generation of potential fans.

V IS FOR VAMPIRE will be a limited edition release, only 100 Blurays and 25 VHS will be sold. Copies are expected to start shipping mid to late November 2019.





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