Book Review: BEST NEW HORROR – Volume 1 – Various Authors


401 pages of terror await you in the 25th anniversary edition of BEST NEW HORROR – Volume 1. This book (originally published by Robinson Publishing in 1990) was re-published by Drugstore Indian Press, an imprint of PS Publishing and features 20 short stories and novellas originally released in 1989 by such well known authors as: Kim Newman, Ramsey Campbell, Brian Lumley, Richard Laymon, Karl Edward Wagner, Nicholas Royle, Chet Williamson, Robert Westall, Thomas Ligotti, D.F. Lewis, Thomas Tessier, Ian Watson, Cherry Wilder, Stephen Gallagher, Robert R. McCammon, Alex Quiroba, Laurence Staig, Steve Rasnic Tem, Gregory Frost, Donald R. Burleson.

Each story is accompanied by a brief bio of the stories author before we get to read their respective stories. Once you have read all the stories, towards the back of the book there is a Necrology by Stephen Jones and Kim Newman, listing the artists, writers, performers and filmmakers who passed away in 1989.

Highlights in this volume for me include Closed Circuit by Laurence Staig, No Sharks In The Med by Brian Lumley and Blanca by Thomas Tessier, though everyone will have their own personal favourites.

The brilliant thing about these compilation books is that its a great introduction to a slew of authors that you may never heard of. If you just want one more fright before bed, just pick up the book, read your tale of terror, turn off the lights and wonder, is that a shadow or is it something more ominous waiting for you in the dark?

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins


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