Film Review: CANNIBAL CLAUS (2016)

CANNIBAL CLAUS ** U.S.A. 2016 Dir: Sean Donohue 66 mins

This Santa doesn’t want your cookies and milk, he just wants your lungs and tongue…..and anything the CANNIBAL CLAUS can get his teeth into. Bob Glazier stars as Nick Cringle a mall Santa Claus who mere days before Christmas day gets fired which doesn’t sit well with him. Compiling a list of those who are naughty or nice…but mostly naughty…Nick goes out of his way to enjoy Christmas his way, by gutting those who are bad boys and girls.

As the title of the movie suggests, Nick isn’t just about the killing though he likes to eat his victims, sometimes raw but every now and again cooking himself a nice meal on the barbeque. Sean Donohue (DEATH-SCORT SERVICE) has yet again made a sleaze filled film with enough guts to cover a Christmas tree. This is Donohue’s fourth feature film and he is showing growth in all aspects including his writing and directing. The film maybe only just over an hour long but it has a main character that you can enjoy watching get his revenge.

Just like other films from ‘The Sleaze Box‘ and ‘Gatorblade Films‘, you get to see the usual cast members which will please those who are fond of their previous outings. A great soundtrack throughout adds to the festive devouring of those who are naughty. The kills are a little weak in this film but special effects wise they are just as gruesome. Let us not forget that this movie contains nudity, drug use, cannibalism, swearing and a Santa Claus who you definitely don’t want coming down your chimney. If you want a cheery Christmas movie topped with shiny sparkling baubles then you best miss this one as this has a whole different type of baubles to make a few people have a merry Christmas.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins

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