Film Review: FLESH MEAT DOLL(S) (2016) (Short Film)

FLESH MEAT DOLL(S) * USA 2016 Dir: C. Huston. 8 mins

En-route to the hardcore endurance test PORTRAITS OF ANDREA PALMER, C.Huston made this much shorter hardcore endurance test. You will know within about 30 seconds whether or not this will be your bag, as the movie immediately delivers gory vaginal close-ups and the kind of in-your-face male and female nudity designed to repel rather than arouse. A naked, unnamed male character wanks over a fresh female corpse, goes down on her, fucks her, cums / pisses on her, mutilates her and then disembowels her so he can fuck her insides as well.

Unfolding without dialogue, this is an extension of the dated shock tactics of ageing rabble-rousers like NEKROMANTIK -minus the mischievous black humour- and Nacho Cerda’s grimly beautiful AFTERMATH – minus the technical artistry (and actual point). Wallowing in its graphically depicted atrocities, it has nothing new to add to the over-subscribed realm of the self-consciously “extreme” other than piling on the unpleasantries to an almost laughable degree. We’ve seen it all before: the climactic “getting head from a severed head” sequence was a memorable throwaway gag in SWITCHBLADE ROMANCE and is here executed in the same numbingly aggressive fashion as everything else. It winds up with a predictable, Buttgereit-inspired act of self-mutilation that prompts a bored shrug rather than an actual shock. Kudos to James Bel (as the man) and Tabitha Doran (as a character referred to as “Woman Flesh”) for presumably suffering an ordeal making the movie that is only matched by the act of watching it.

Review by Steven West


FLESH MEAT DOLL(S) will be available as an extra on the PORTRAITS OF ANDREA PALMER mediabook release by 8-Films.


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