THE MUNSTERS’ SCARY LITTLE CHRISTMAS *** U.S.A. 1996 Dir: Ian Emes. 91 mins

THE MUNSTERS’ return for their fifth and (currently) final movie outing and it is full of so much charm that even little monsters will enjoy watching it over the Christmas period.

With Christmas coming up Herman Munster wants to make this Christmas a memorable one for Eddie Munster who is finding it a struggle to settle into his new life in sunny California and misses his previous home in Transylvania. With Hermans plan in progress Grandpa Munster tries to make it snow using his Alchemy and magic powers. Unfortunately he ends up transporting Santa Claus and 2 elves to the Munsters’ home mere days before Christmas day thus putting Christmas in jeopardy. Meanwhile Lily Munster wants to feel more settled into the local community and enters the local Christmas decoration competition. With Grandpa trying his best to get Santa back in time for Christmas, the 2 elves decide this is the best time to make the most of their mini holiday and go enjoy the sights of California. After a few further mishaps, Grandpa and the Munsters’ family get Christmas back on track much to the delight of Santa, the elves, Eddie and Herman.

Despite not featuring a single original cast member from any of the TV series or even from any of the movies including the previous years movie HERE COME THE MUNSTERS, this film features a well rounded cast. Though fans of the series will find it hard to see the change of main cast members once again, this is an often funny TV movie that shown that the popularity of THE MUNSTERS’ wasn’t dead just yet. This is a film to add to your yearly Christmas viewing for some light-hearted monster fun.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins


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