Last decade Bill Zebub directed ANTFARM DICKHOLE (2011) and ASSMONSTER (2006) both got mixed reactions but they have their fans. Now Zebub is planning to re-edit both movies and release them on one Blu-ray with limited, hand-numbered uncensored artwork versions available.

To be clear if you already own both of these when they had a DVD release these re-edits will be completely different cuts so you may want to pick up these Blu-rays as well, especially if your a fan of Bill Zebub’s films.


So what is ANTFARM DICKHOLE and ASSMONSTER, well just have a read of the synopsis for each film below and watch the following footage (ignore the video quality in the videos the re-edits will be upconverted for Blu-ray) to get an idea of what they are about.





After a painful encounter with some bullies next to an ant colony, Ant-Drew will never have to fear again, as an improbable, yet miraculous symbiosis begins. Now, he is unstoppable, and he thirsts for revenge. Is this a dream come true?






This is a comedy about a guy who watches an awful DVDr that was made by one of those fake directors who sell their crap at horror conventions and decides that he too will make a bad movie and sell it for $30 a copy.



Maybe these films aren’t for you but thats the great thing about this campaign as Bill Zebub has other perks such as T-shirts and other movies of his available.



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