Film Review: BLOOD MYTH (2019)

BLOOD MYTH *** UK 2019 Dir: Sean Brown & Luke Gosling. 81 mins

When myth blurs with reality, dark ghosts shadow our minds.

Is your mind up to this deeply psychological and quite disturbing horror from High Octane pictures and Dark Rift productions which goes a long way to show that the UK does sarcastic comedy and disturbing dark drama rather well actually.

The torchlight into the shadows right at the start pulls us into a quite gripping and intense ghost murder mystery that has evil intent hidden right through it’s simple yet effective plot that employs an average sized and well balanced cast and a dark and tense musical score by Samuel Mitchell and Luke Sinnick to great and sinister effect.

A rural town in Lincolnshire is plagued by a dark and cyclic myth known mysteriously as Thirty that is apparently responsible for horrific abductions. Lovetorn and bored journo Jonathan, played well and with effective balance by Jonathan McClean, is sceptical but pressed for a good story by his temptress boss Claire (Charlie McClimmens). Scepticism that proves misplaced when his pregnant partner Harriet (Anna Dawson) sees the light and vanishes in the still of a full moon night.

In a tightly knitted story that presents us with a good ghost yarn with shades of An American Werewolf In London written all over it this film will really get under your skin like hot needles as the dark and atmospheric lighting and other effects help develop a really tense and disturbing film that winds up with a nicely twisted and dark finale to savour.

What lies inside the dark shadows of the countryside?

Shine the torch of your eyes and take a peek…..

Review by Nathan Sandiford

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