Film Review: BLOOD RUNS THICK (2018)

BLOOD RUNS THICK ** USA 2018 Dir: Romane Simon. 90 mins

Imagine waking up one day to find that your husband is missing, and from then on, you are plagued with horrific nightmares that occur at all hours of the day. These images are exactly what Vikki endures in Romane Simon’s Blood Runs Thick. Vikki’s struggle to decipher her visions with a therapist leads her to uncover past trauma that has been buried in her mind and may be the source of the nightmare she now endures.

Blood Runs Thick starts off with a bang as Vikki is chased by a masked man who attempts to choke her. Actress Emily Killian remains in this state of hysteria for much of the film, whether she is being terrorized by this masked figure or in the middle of a therapy session. The visions and heightened state of terror don’t seem to let up for the first act of the movie, creating an exhausting atmosphere which then settles into long, drawn out conversations that attempt to make sense of what is going on inside Vikki’s head.

You can see a Wes Craven influence at work in the plot elements and imagery that is presented on screen as the film pays homage to films like A Nightmare On Elm Street and Scream. However, it has a hard time identifying its genre, flip flopping between a psychological thriller and traditional slasher movie. And even strong cast performances can’t save the lengthy dialogue and overall confusing plot.

Review by Laura Smith


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