Film Review: JAWS OF LOS ANGELES (2020)

JAWS OF LOS ANGELES ** U.S.A. 2020 Dir: Dustin Ferguson. 62 mins

After some beautiful and serene underwater shots of ocean life we see the sunny delights of the Los Angeles coastline, complete with bikini clad (and unclad) women enjoying the beach, until one takes her final dip in the sea. Cue title sequence with the headbanging tune Blood God by Texan thrash metal band Overt Enemy to get your adrenaline flowing for the rest of this sharkfest.

The local police first suspect a lone killer but after several more attacks and parts of bodies washing up on the beach, marine biologists Doctor Rebecca Mattei (Brinke Stevens) and Doctor Elaine Ripley (Vida Ghaffari) reveal that it is indeed a shark or perhaps a team of sharks causing the mayhem. All the while a new resort has plans to open its doors to customers but perhaps this isn’t the best time, of course the owner (played by Mel Novak) wants to hear nothing of the sort and goes ahead with the grand opening. Will local authorities capture the human eating killer in time or will the beach become an all you can eat buffet?

JAWS has caused many to be wary of the sea for decades but Dustin Ferguson gives you a new reason to fear the water…besides the pollution in it. Complete with appearances by Ferguson regulars Shawn C. Phillips, Dawna Lee Heising, Jonathan Nation and many more, the cast give it there all to a sub-genre of horror that is becoming increasingly over populated. JAWS OF LOS ANGELES is a little over an hour long and its a good way to spend your time. While those expecting scenes of sharks feasting on bloody bodies will be a little disappointed, the reveal towards the end will make you want to see JAWS OF LOS ANGELES 2. Beware whats in the water it might not let you out!

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins



Author: Peter 'Witchfinder' Hopkins

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