Late last year we brought you news about the sci-fi horror graphic novel INVASION NANO SAPIENS (here) and now we have even more news for you.


INVASION NANO SAPIENS tells the story of a young, maverick scientist, Fulton Bengis, who creates experimental blood with living nano robotic red and white blood cells and platelets that can improve body functions and kill disease. But when his love, Alison Wintergreen, injects the blood without his knowledge to eradicate her terminal disease, she becomes the hive for a swarm of super-intelligent nanobots that turn her into a deadly being – Nano Sapiens. Fulton risks everything as he tries to save her life.



Following on from the pre-launch the crowdfunding campaign had, the Indiegogo campaign is now open for people to get some awesome perks for a story that sounds very exciting. Click the link below:




Of course if you are unable to contribute towards the project then a simple SHARE will help get more eyes on the project.


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