Gravitas Ventures have released writer / director Juan Cabral’s 2/1 starring Boyd Holbrook (Logan, The Predator, Gone Girl, Narcos), Song Yang, Dominique McElligott (House of Cards, Hell On Wheels, The Boys), and Beau Bridges (The Fabulous Baker Boys, The Descendants, Jerry Maguire) On Demand.



Two men. Living on the exact opposite side of the world. When one sleeps, the other one is awake. But when they finally meet, a simple question arises: Who is the dream and who is the dreamer? Kaden (Boyd Holbrook) is a professional ski jumper in Whistler, Canada, unexpectedly presented with the chance of reconnecting with an ex-girlfriend who ghosted him years ago. Khai (Song Yang) is a corporate executive in Shanghai, China, faced with the fact that the girl he fantasizes about on the internet has just started working in his office. The two men go about their lives, without knowing that they are connected, but noticing some echoes – like a distorted mirror. They slowly begin to realize that they might be dreaming each other. They are, in some strange way, the same person.


Gravitas Ventures has released 2/1 on iTunes and other On Demand sites.


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