Reel Nightmare Films has announced 14th February as the USA VOD release of TOKOLOSHE: AN AFRICAN CURSE, an intriguing & atmospheric new horror feature with plenty of scares and high production value. Says Armand Petrikowski, Head of Operations of the horror/thriller distributor.

Based on the legend of the Tokoloshe, an urban myth that has terrified Africa in a similar way Americans fear the Boogeyman; the Tokoloshe is a sinister creature that haunts people’s dreams and possesses them to commit evil acts.



A novelist pressured for a new hit travels with his family to an abandoned hotel in South Africa, unaware that it’s haunted by a demon known as the Tokoloshe. When the writer becomes possessed and begins terrorizing his family, a young woman experiencing supernatural visions linked to the hotel sets out to help the family and defeat the African boogeyman: the Tokoloshe.



Veteran filmmaker Richard Green directs TOKOLOSHE: AN AFRICAN CURSE (also known as TOKOLOSHE-THE CALLING). Arish Sirkissoon (aka LX SETH) wrote and co-produced with Green. The film was shot in Durban, South Africa. The film’s diverse cast includes Shezi Sibongiseni, Angela Balkovic, Lloyd Grant O’Connor, Arish Sirkissoon & Lwandile Xaba.


Reel Nightmare Films will release TOKOLOSHE: AN AFRICAN CURSE on USA VOD on 14th February.


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