101 Films is proud to announce that title 012 on the 101 Films Black Label will be the UK Blu-ray debut for iconic sci-fi horror PHASE IV (1974), a gripping and philosophical cult classic that examines humanity’s place in the universe.



In a sealed lab in the Arizona desert, scientists James Lesko (Michael Murphy, Manhattan) and Dr. Ernest Hubbs (Nigel Davenport, A Man For All Seasons) search for answers to an evolutionary shift in the ant population; the development of a collective intelligence and cross-species hive mentality. With humanity under threat, the scientists are faced with the choice of either communicating with, or eradicating their antagonists.



The only feature film directed by legendary designer and filmmaker Saul Bass, the release includes the ambitious, hallucinatory ‘Original Saul Bass ending’ as an extra. Vetoed by the studio upon original release, the footage was long thought lost until it resurfaced in 2012. Also included is a brand new documentary, An Ant’s Life: Contextualising Phase IV, a commentary with film historians Allan Bryce and Richard Holliss, and a limited edition booklet featuring new, specialist writing on the film, the career of Saul Bass and the history of ‘killer bug’ movies. The first 3000 copies come with booklet and slipcase.

In addition, the package includes a second disc, Saul Bass: Short Films, featuring the director’s finest short form work, including the Academy Award-winning Why Man Creates (1968) and a newly-scanned version of Ray Bradbury adaptation Quest (1984).




New HD restoration of the main feature
The Original Saul Bass ending (plus optional commentary)
An Ant’s Life: Contextualising Phase IV, a documentary on the film’s influences

Commentary with film historians Allan Bryce and Richard Holliss
Limited Edition Booklet: includes Phase IV by Deborah Allison, and Adapt or Die: Killer Bug Cinema and Phase IV by Liam Hathaway



The Searching Eye (1964)
Why Man Creates (1968)
Bass on Titles (1977)
Notes on the Popular Arts (1978)
The Solar Film (1980)
Quest (1984)


101 Films will release PHASE IV on 6th April 2020, you can pre-order it now via the links below:





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