Film Review: 5 GALAXIES (2019)

5 GALAXIES *** USA 2019 Dir: Nelson Lee, Kristen Hilkert, Amir Reichart, Vitaly Verlov, Harry Assouline. 83 mins

Like a message thrown through a wormhole by a powerful Time Lord, this film from Freedom Cinema and Uncork’d Entertainment rockets us straight into a series of poignant and darkly emotional prophecies of what humanity could become and what it has the power to prevent. A fast-paced romp of a well scripted story into a future that it is humanity’s choice to change….or embrace with open arms.

This is one for sci-fi buffs and conspiracy theorists to devour with pleasure as five unrelated future settings move us through a future that could become our own reality if we don’t take action soon. The movie aptly displays many visions and ideas that we all fear humanity could become in it’s relentless quest for greed and power fuelled by an ever growing thirst for knowledge rather than conscious understanding.

Well, that’s the main message amongst the many on show here that I took from this intense futuristic thriller that keeps you riveted to the fact that when this world has had enough of our crazy antics then it will be a simple case of bond together for the good of all or die in ignorance.

A low and thunderous musical score by Michael Peter Olsen, Dean Tzenos, Anders Mouridsen, Daniel Elias Brenner, Landon Knoblock and Mehdi El Morabit throughout with clear dialogue and good acting from a large cast where no one actor stands out above the rest shows that sometimes in movies the story is more crucial than anything else and it certainly is here with a sizeable writing crew that have produced a very metaphoric collection of future stories that is professional, smooth and very well-directed so that your brain stays alive and on it’s toes. The effects and settings are well placed and keep everything together superbly which makes for an interesting and enjoyable film of dark prophecy of what could befall our race if we don’t look after each other. The whole relies more on the production, music and writing in order to set a futuristic and thrilling pace that you are gonna love.

The film carries poignant intensity throughout most of it’s instalments while thunderous doom always lurks in the shadows of your mind as the pace quickens and pulsates towards an enjoyable finale.

In a desperate and bleak future the message is keep going forward and small steps make big strides as the story keeps flowing well with good effects and if you are a fan of the Terminator and Deus Ex franchises then you’ll love this film that whisks you away on a forward rolling timeline through the seeds that humanity seems to be sowing of it’s own doom. First we visit 2056 Palm Springs, CA where a voluntary euthanasia scheme is the only choice for some, then 2071, Paramos, NJ where a bold career move is Janey’s last one on the planet through to 2099 Berlin, Germany where human bonding and surviving the global nuclear holocaust poses a tough survival choice then onto 2121 Moscow, Russia where distraught scientist Jack tries to transmit an escape from a dark military in a short stanza that utilises a clever absence of dialogue very well and then finally we end up in 2150 New York, NY in a comedic and high octane battle between rival bounty hunters on the trail of a valuable technology worth thousands.

You might find yourself wondering why it’s called 5 GALAXIES and I couldn’t work it out either, but it’s a title that casts it’s commercial spell well and you won’t regret trying this title out.

No fate, only choices.

Five galaxies only one world.

Review by Nathan Sandiford


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