Film Review: BLACK MOON (2019) (Short Film)

BLACK MOON **** USA 2019 Dir: Ryan Graff. 8 mins

A black moon is a term used when a new moon appears twice in a month or season. Some believe a black moon to have supernatural powers. On the night of one of these moons a young mother having just left work is on the phone to her babysitter when she loses signal suddenly. She passes a dimly lit tunnel, just as she goes past she hears the sound of a girl crying. She walks back and goes into the tunnel to see if she can help… unaware at first of the powers that have been awoken the woman starts to panic as the crying girl disappears and she can’t seem to find her way out. With a small but very effective cast and crew BLACK MOON is quite a haunting short. It uses sound and visuals together to create a tense atmosphere and creeping sense of panic. Tunnels at night are a pretty creepy place to be and I for one will be avoiding them even more then I already do after watching this. Great use of flickering lights and changing points of view do a good job at disorienting the viewer. It succeeds in making you jump without showing you what you are jumping at. It is very well shot, acted and well worth a watch.

Review by Sarah Budd


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