Red Cape Publishing will be releasing the first book in the A-Z of Horror anthology series A Is For Aliens on Friday 13th March, with the eBook currently available to pre-order on Amazon for just 99p until release day on Friday 13th March.

A Is For Aliens, the first book in an epic series of twenty-six horror anthologies. Within these pages you will find a collection of thirteen stories from some of the finest independent writers on the scene today, blending science fiction with horror. From the humorous to the terrifying, A Is For Aliens contains a diverse range of stories with each author taking a different approach to the theme.



Author and co-founder of Red Cape Publishing P.J Blakey-Novis had the following to say about the book:

A is for Aliens is the first in an epic series of 26 horror anthologies from Red Cape Publishing. A selection of talented writers have contributed to the book, each giving their own unique take on the theme, from the humorous to the terrifying.


A Is For Aliens is currently on pre order at 99p until release day on Friday 13th March. The eBook is exclusive to Amazon and included in Kindle Unlimited, paperback available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


You can pre-order the eBook exclusively from Amazon here:


Red Cape Publishing are currently accepting submissions for the next 4 titles in the series which are:





You can find out more details about submissions on the website:


You can find out more about Red Cape Publishing on the website and follow on social media:






Red Cape Publishing is a modern publishing house dedicated to promoting to best independent and small-press releases. Red Cape was born out of a desire to spread the word about the indie scene, firmly believing that promoting other people’s work is of benefit to everyone.


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