This April a unique, stylish, genre-bending noir adventure from cult Canadian indie filmmaker Bruce McDonald (Pontypool, Weirdos) comes to DVD and Digital, DREAMLAND.

Starring Stephen McHattie (Mother!), Henry Rollins (Lost Highway) and Juliette Lewis (Natural Born Killers).



DREAMLAND tells the story of a gang who hire a hitman to cut off a finger from a heroin-addict trumpet maestro. It is an eccentric neo-noir which immerses the viewer into a diabolical underworld, where doppelgängers, vicious child-traffickers and a creepy vampire cross paths. Though offering a hypnotic descent into a violent and corrupt world ruled by madness, the evil chaos boiling at the surface, DREAMLAND is deftly tamed by its elegant cinematography and cool, haunting jazz score.


Bulldog Film Distribution will release DREAMLAND on DVD and Digital on 13th April 2020.


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