ANGRY ASIAN MURDER HORNETS *** U.S.A. 2020 Dir: Dustin Ferguson. 63 mins

From the company that brought you 5G ZOMBIES comes the next big thing to fear…ANGRY ASIAN MURDER HORNETS. Taking the very real threat of the Asian ‘Murder Hornets’, this movie takes that threat and turns it up several notches to give viewers a fun modern creature feature reminiscent of the 1950’s feature films such as Them! (1954) or Tarantula! (1955).

Opening with Malvolia: The Queen Of Screams (Jennifer Nangle) she warns us that what we are about to see “is a little too true to life” we then enter our feature film ANGRY ASIAN MURDER HORNETS. The movie sees an invasion of mutated ‘Murder Hornets’ arriving in California and as they descend on the public the threat level rises but as is always the case there will be those who think the media are exaggerating things. As more people die it becomes even more of a possibility that the ‘Murder Hornets’ could wipe out all of humanity.

Dustin Ferguson’s latest movie was filmed within 2 weeks during the Coronavirus pandemic that has enveloped the world and it would be hard to not see the ‘Murder Hornets’ in this film as a not so subtle Coronavirus metaphor. Throughout you will see the majority of cast don’t share a scene as he had the actors self-film and make the most of the social distancing rule. ANGRY ASIAN MURDER HORNETS is an interesting watch and this could very well be Ferguson’s most entertaining film to date, though it is worth pointing out the man is a machine so he has probably shot 5 more films while I write this review.

The films score has a Dark Synthwave vibe throughout occasionally broken up with excellent cover versions by We’re Wolves of songs from Nu metal bands Limp Bizkit and Drowning Pool. Viewers who have seen any SCS Entertainment films will recognise a good majority of the cast in this film such as Sheri Davis (Axegrinder 2), John R. Walker (5G Zombies), Jarad Allen (Axed To Pieces), Jennifer Nangle (The Last Roommate) Mike Ferguson (Meathook Massacre Part VI: Bloodline) and Julie Anne Prescott (The Last Roommate). It is also worth pointing out that Craig Muckler, writer and producer of such cult classics as Microwave Massacre and Malibu High also worked on the film as Executive Producer.

Overall ANGRY ASIAN MURDER HORNETS is the film that 2020 needed as it is fun and at times terrifying but gives you just enough of a sting to check out SCS Entertainment’s earlier and future films.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins



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Author: Peter 'Witchfinder' Hopkins

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