Film Review: THE CRAVING (2011)

THE CRAVING *** USA 2011 Dir: Valerie R.Castro. 90 mins

If you’re a meat lover, you’re gonna love “La Diabla Pica” in San Francisco Bay and will really wanna get your teeth into this fully loaded shocker of a movie that really sets you wondering what human meat actually tastes like. The split screen at the start is a great way to begin and lends the film a very good ‘Kill Bill’ feel that keeps you enthralled as it continues on.

The soundtrack and music from Jenni Dillon and Dave Sussman are the dominant features that keep The Craving (perfect title in itself) rolling along at a good pace backed up by some capable acting led from the front by Anna Curtis who plays the vampishly warped Ronnie. The film follows a simple but effective story which is laced with plenty of evil and cannibalistic sexual desire and dark sarcasm.

The use of old cinematic effects and realistic gore add the necessary creepiness that adds a cool B-movie feel to what is a very good, darkly funny and enjoyable ‘vampromp’ as Ronnie the Cannibal Chef wreaks bloody havoc and sexual carnage on anyone she fancies as the raunchiness and vampiness build up nicely. As the film progresses with an addictive rock score to keep you watching through what are portrayed as seedy and demented scenes of craven bloodlust, bloodletting and wicked murder your heart will keep pounding to the superb and ominous beat of the movie’s drums.

If you like a touch of realism to the vampire/cannibal myth then this is the film for you as you watch to see if the authorities can bring a stop to Ronnie’s devilish madness and demented cookery. As the FBI gets more involved via Danni the Clarice Starling of the piece (who is well played by Sunshine Jones and is the perfect foil for Ronnie’s wiles) then the blood, lust and action really start to thicken and you will be glued to see how the film ends up as it invites you to read between it’s lines of blood to taste it’s truth and see who comes out on top – the Killer Chef or the Feds. As the plot develops further into a twisted and quite psychological cop horror thriller it will have you crawling and craving with pleasure right to it’s perturbed and interesting ending.

The Craving is funny, tense and disturbing and the hairs on the back of your neck will stand up and your stomach will churn in the darkness as Ronnie wields her magic around you with her “local and organic stock”.

Review by Nathan Sandiford


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