The Social Thriller Anthology TALES FROM DA VILLE is now available for FREE on Youtube hosted by Brooklyn’s own Rapper, Bam Vito. Bam is widely known for performing the theme song for the popular web series, Money & Violence. The rest of the talented New York cast are actors on the rise seen on stage and screen. Credits include Blue Bloods, Hell House 3 Lake of Fire, and many more!



A count of Brownsville Brooklyn tells three witches scary stories that deal with horrific social issues.


The idea of TALES FROM DA VILLE was initiated after I saw Jordan Peele’s Get Out. I knew Hollywood and filmmakers as a whole were gonna tackle racism into a horror genre. All that being said I wanted to do a horror anthology series and coin it as Tales from such and such. The word Da ville is a nickname to the neighborhood in Brooklyn called Brownsville. Hence Da ville.

TALES FROM DA VILLE is important to the horror genre because it shows that humans can be evil monsters that bear hatred for other people because the color of their skin. Someone wanting to harm you because your black or your a certain religion is scary as hell. Racism is a old yet extremely relevant horror. Tales reflects the times which is very important to the horror genre.



You can watch TALES FROM DA VILLE on Youtube for FREE via the links below:


Tales From Da Ville – Episode 1

Tales From Da Ville – Episode 2

Tales From Da Ville – Episode 3


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