Bayview Entertainment have released four new films: The Same Circles, Portmanteau: Chilling Tales Of Murder And Madness, The Odd Perspective, Resort Paraiso. All are available now on DVD at a fine retailer near you.





Rory and Saff are the perfect couple: happy and in love. On a romantic weekend away, they become victims of an unthinkable tragedy. Devastated and distraught, their lives will never be the same again. Rory’s manic obsession fuels his desperate search for those responsible as he spirals deeper and deeper into madness.

This gripping thriller was directed by Mark Garvey (874 Miles) and stars Simon Cleary (The White Van), Edd Gibson, Tom Gillson, Alice Phillipson, and Jasmine Knight (Portmanteau).







Portmanteau is an anthology collection of chilling short horror tales, in the tradition of Tales from the Crypt and Creepshow. A photographer develops an old film and is unprepared for what he sees in the pictures; road rage escalates into a deadly game of cat and mouse; a man wonders what his suspicious neighbor could be disposing of; a bird-watcher descends into madness in an isolated cabin; a Foley artist is reassigned to a classic horror; a writer battles with a seemingly invincible cockroach; a man waits patiently in the hope of sex with strangers, and a woman goes camping alone… but she is not alone!

Written and directed by Mark Garvey (The White Van), the terrifying stories in Portmanteau are brought to life…and death…by a cast that includes Simon Cleary, Paul Woodcock, Madonna Norgrove, John Harper, Stuart O Connor, Jasmine Knight, Kyle Booth, Victoria Markham, Louise Blay, Kelli Watson, Callum Oakby-Wright, Stuart Offord, and Jorden Harvey.







Aleix is a synergist with the ability to see patterns in reality. He can connect isolated events in nature, interpret them and identify patterns which lead him to the solution to those questions life asks him. After having been absent for a year to parts unknown, Aleix returns to his home town with the intention of finding answers to his father’s death, an important member of the country’s social political life. Though the autopsy concludes a heart attack as the cause of death, Aleix believes there is something much darker, more wide-reaching behind his death. The answer requires solving a multiple homicide case which his brother, Jaume, the police Major Crimes Deputy Chief, is investigating. However, the relationship between the brothers is complicated and their ways of dealing with life are diametrically opposed. The collaboration between the two brothers will test their personal convictions.







Pablo and Eva are struggling through two crises: employment and marriage. Out of despair, they squat in the resort hotel where Eva works during the summer. Closed between November and March, the isolated resort is the ideal place for the couple to spend the winter by using its rooms and facilities. But this also means Pablo and Eva must avoid the two security guards who watch the hotel in day and night shifts. Eva comes up with a master plan to keep her and Pablo from getting caught…until one of the security guards begins to suspect that there are intruders in the resort. Thus begins a thrilling cat and mouse game of survival across the world of the Resort Paraiso.



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