Film Review: CRY HAVOC (2020)

CRY HAVOC **** USA 2020 Dir: Rene Perez. 85 mins

In this sequel to 2017’s, Playing With Dolls: Havoc, CRY HAVOC is an 85 minute thrill ride of blood, breasts, and terror! Rene Perez has given CRY HAVOC a unique and twisted take in this slasher film, and bringing Oliver Muller on for Special Effects was a brilliant decision! Oliver Muller creates some of the best practical effects work that will churn your stomach, and keep you wanting more!

Richard Tyson play’s The Voyeur. A criminal on the Top 10 Most Wanted list for his appetite for human torture, and taste for making Snuff films. His victims are typically lured in with winning spots on reality TV shows. Usually he makes sure his victims have no family that would come looking for them, but this time he made a mistake.

Robert Bronzi, aka the most spot on Charles Bronson look alike I’ve ever seen, play’s a cop on a mission to find his missing daughter. His quest has led him to the Voyeur, and the killing grounds. As soon as he arrives he starts finding young women bound, and waiting for Havoc to do what he does best, kill. The Voyeur has camera’s all over the grounds, so he can watch Havoc’s work.

Now this renegade cop must face off not only against mercenaries, but he has to face Havoc if he is to save his daughter. A definite must see! Come for the battle, stay for the Havoc!

Review by Heather Markham


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