Film Review: DOOR IN THE WOODS (2019)

DOOR IN THE WOODS *** U.S.A. 2019 Dir. Billy Chase Goforth. 89 mins

When Redd (David Rees Snell) and Evelyn (Jennifer Pierce Mathus) move to a new town with their son, Kane (John-Michael Fisher), they are hopeful that Kane’s new school will make things better for him. However, Kane finds himself getting into fights at school which ultimately leads to a suspension. On the recommendation that he unplugs for a bit, Redd and Evelyn take Kane on a hike through the woods. There, they find an old door wrapped in chains. In need of a door for their new home, they take it back with them, and Evelyn refurbishes it. Once it is installed, though, eerie things begin to happen as the family unwittingly unleashes an evil that has lain dormant for the past 20 years.

Door In The Woods is a simple ghost story about an ordinary family who innocently stumbles into the wrong woods. Evelyn already has a sense of the supernatural at the beginning of the film when she hires a psychic (C.J. Jones) for a tarot card reading and to bless the home. Redd, however, is more skeptical. But their main concern is the wellbeing of their son who struggles with learning and behavioral problems as well as paying for his special schooling. Still, they are a happy family, but it’s that bond that gets tested when the spirits behind the door come for Kane.

The film’s ending raises interesting questions about how far you will go to save your child. The events leading up to this ending are slow-paced but also well-acted by all of the key players. Also, the scares are minimal, but the effects are satisfying for a movie of this budget. I would recommend this film to anyone who loves classic ghost stories and stories that raise questions about modern parenting.

Review by Laura Smith


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