Film Review: EJECT (2019) (Short Film)

EJECT **** UK 2019 Dir: David Yorke. 9 mins

Nicely shot by Richard Bertenshaw, writer-director David Yorke’s film offers a stark 21st century echo of VIDEODROME’s most unforgettable image. Heroine Elena Saurel’s oddly itchy wrist gradually yields its own USB slot, taking her into an alarming portal of personal memories incorporating past relationships, paternal issues and even fragments of past education that result in her amusingly speaking French to her bemused mum on the phone. Rob Knight’s eerie music score adds to the tension and Saurel (who co-wrote with Yorke) is an empathetic protagonist. Constructed around a fascinating concept, it’s slick and compelling – and a grim testament to both technological advances to come and all of our inclinations to get lost in our own past indiscretions and regrets.

Review by Steven West


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